Thursday, November 15, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front

Libreria Kulturunea, the bookstore up the street from us, appears to have quietly closed up shop - insofar as the doors have been locked for the last five days and its website is gone. I think there's a lesson here for all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, which is: no matter how good your bookstore is (and by all accounts it was actually a pretty good store), customers will generally avoid any shop in which the proprietor spends the entire day playing the fucking bagpipes loudly and, for what it's worth, quite badly.

Here's hoping the space is converted into something far less annoying, like a methadone clinic.


JBSK said...

I read your earlier post about the bagpiper. From the picture it looks like a Galician bagpipe - a squeeky single drone cousin of the highland pipes. I had an encounter with a tech school instructor on the beach in Progreso about ten years ago. He was reputted to be the predominant virtuoso in Yucatan. While his playing wasn't memorable the people I was with were particularly an old Brit who had been with MI5.

Burro Hall said...

MI5ers are a fun bunch - that's why I married one. But trust me, if you had to listen to that guy play the pipes six days a week for four months, you'd remember.

Dan said...

I guess the bagpiper read the appendices to that state of the union address too. Looks like you'll have to make another run at One Hundred Years of Solitude in the meantime.