Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home Again

Well, we're back - after just 15-and-a-half short hours of third-class travel. And for the first time ever, we hit the red light at customs and had our bags thoroughly searched. In case you were ever planning to save your Continental Airlines turkey sandwich for the bus ride to Querétaro, don't even think about it. Judging from the customs lady's reaction, American luncheon meat is currently the greatest environmental threat facing Mexico (though if you've ever tried the homegrown brand - called, I shit you not, "FUD" - you understand that sometimes the killer is calling from inside the house). This made us miss our bus, of course, but the later bus redeemed itself with this amusing warning sign in the bathroom. It's funny, because the silly Mexicans put the X on the plainclothes cop, not the Republican. Or maybe these things work differently down here. I really don't know.

The cat and the dog were both here when we got home, in case you were wagering.

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