Saturday, November 03, 2007

How the Other Half Lives

Having railed earlier in the week against the lack of entrepreneurial competence around here, I though we should give the other side of the story, which is that the plutocracy is alive and well and living in Querétaro. And reproducing. And instilling in their worthless spawn a love of that great Mexican tradition: polo. More specifically, they've instilled in them a love of being seen and photographed attending polo matches. Lucky for them, our local paper is the kind of outlet that will devote fifteen (15!) full pages of its weekend supplement to the opening of the El Marques Polo Club de Querétaro. (The club has it's own blog, but it contains nothing but proposed designs for the Club logo.) Gaze, if you dare, upon the next generation upper-crusty queretanos, fresh outta rehab and bringin' SexyBack! Do not ajust your monitors - they really are that white.

Too sexy for that shirt? So sexy it hurts! Don't you think that if even a handful of those 376 vendors dropped the sugar-candy skulls in favor of selling hair gel and Axe Body Spray, the median income in this state would be a hell of a lot higher than $21.42?

While watching the Good Lord's handiwork this week in Tabasco and Baja California, I can't help but wonder, Dude, why not Querétaro?

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'Eddie Willers' said... worse than the fresas found in the Society pages of our two local rags (El Diario and El Sol).

We have a thriving country club scene that's full of the same whitefolk - same names keep cropping up as well...