Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

If you ever wondered what 46,000 pounds of Mexican blow being freebased all at once looks like, here it is:

We are still awaiting a ruling from the folks at the Guinness Book, but will keep you posted.

Notice that, aside from their regulation army helmets, the soldiers above aren't wearing anything extraordinarily protective despite the fact that (a) twenty-three tons of plastic-wrapped cocaine is fueling a raging inferno just a few yards away and (b) the aforementioned cocaine, valued at $2.7 billion, technically belongs to the Sinaloa Federation cartel, who control the surrounding area, take this sort of thing very personally and have been known to harbor a grudge.

Compare this with the gear worn by these Mexican officials as they dispose of some Chinese-made action figures containing "elevated" levels of lead. The toys, you'll note, are still in their original packaging.

Safety First!

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