Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mein Campo

Just to bring you up to date on some political news, Querétaro's new secretary of agriculture, Gilberto Ortega Mejía, was sworn in last week. In a speech lasting seven hours, he vowed "in the name of Our Savior" to "stamp out the pestilent vermin blighting and infesting this great land of ours." The next day, Governor Paco Garrido Patron (right) annexed the neighboring state of Hidalgo.

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Anonymous said...

In Mexico to swear to the nation is very common practice, and the movement of the hand is very , very similar than that of the nazis, but that movement is used since before the nazis. When you get your college degree you do it, also when you are elected for some charge (based in votes) could be political or civil you swear.