Saturday, November 10, 2007

Newsmaker of the Week

Guest Scab: Sergio Arturo Venegas Alracon,
Editorial Director, Diario de Querétaro

I notice this site has so far failed to report on the most important story in Querétaro today - a event so important we've devoted five front-page stories to it today: The Diario de Querétaro has moved into a new building!!

Did I say this was the most important story of the day? I meant of the week, which is why it has been front page above-the-fold news four of the last six days. Querétaro, I can assure you, has never seen anything quite as big as this - at least not in my paper. We'll be dogging it for as long as it takes.

Here's a photo that ran on the front page a couple of days ago, of the Bishop of Querétaro walking beside me and blessing our new printing presses. This was in response to reader complaints that the previous incarnation of the Diaraio was "insufficiently Jesus-y". This, in turn, has inspired our new slogan, "El Diario de Querétaro: Good news, plus The Good News!" It needs tweaking, I know. While I work on it, please enjoy this story about how 40% of all Querétaro's juvenile delinquents are also drug addicts. We ran it on page A16.


S said...

What, no photo of the local rabbi koshering the newsroom?! A shondah. . .

Burro Hall said...

It's a market segment they can afford to snub. There will be more Jews in my house on Thanksgiving than there are in the entire state of Queretaro.

That said, I'm looking forward to this movie about a meshuggah Mexican family sitting shiva, even though I probably won't understand it. I may have to wait for the pirate DVD.

Anonymous said...

Stop reading Diario, I know is bad, I recommend you Rotativo

Is only on-line, but I think it has better news.

Josh said...

I can't believe that I noticed this, but I think Sergio's last name is misspelled. I assume it's "Alarcon," correct? Typical scab mistake.

Burro Hall said...

Sorry. The Proofreaders Local 173 were on a one-day sympathy strike.