Monday, November 26, 2007

No Country for Young Girls

Here's an Australian news segment on our friend's efforts to get her three cousins, recently orphaned at US taxpayer expense, out of Iraq. It's going about as well as everything else associated with this pointless, misbegotten war.

Since the war began, over 2 million Iraqis have fled to neighbouring countries. But Jordan and Syria have now tightened their borders and it's become increasingly difficult for people to escape Iraq. Paul and Miriam hit the phones to see who can help. With no official government or agency support, they are relying on unofficial channels to rescue their orphaned nieces.

The hope was for the girls to come to Jordan while Paul and Miriam were still here, but arranging visas and passports is taking longer than hoped.

Can't we just send Jessica Lynch in to rescue them? Anyway, when you're reading all these new "we're finally winning!" stories - stories that begin like this:

BAGHDAD - At a row of travel agencies near the highway to Syria, the tide of migration has reversed: the buses and GMC Suburban vans filled with people heading to Damascus run infrequently, while those coming from the border appear every day.

- keep those three kids in mind.


O$ said...

Here's the easy answer. Get the little ones jobs with Blackwater. A few convoy runs and they'll be deported out of that festering shithole within weeks.

But seriously. I will be in touch on this. I actually have a mouthpiece connection in Jordan, and she owes me a favor...never hurts to ask.


Julie said...

I don't know how we can help, but let us know if there is ANYTHING that can be done from here to help those children. Letter writing, phone calls to Senators, financial help, etc. We'll do whatever we can.