Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nothing Lasts Forever, Even Cold November Rain

Much as we'd love to stay and enjoy the always-interesting New England weather, it's time to go back south. You just can't leave the plants for too long in that 75-degrees heat without water.

We'll miss the non-Mexican food, and my parents' new Hi-Def TV, but, man, will it be nice not to see any more political campaign ads. Poor Massachusetts, so far from God, so close to New Hampshire. There's not a state in the union less likely to vote for the Yankees' #1 Fan, but there's Rudy on the tube, every 12 minutes, telling us how he cleaned up "America's most liberal city." Hasn't Boston done enough for you, Rudy? Can't you leave us in peace?

The other thing I've come to appreciate about Mexico is the fact that diamonds, BMWs or Lexuses are not considered reasonable Christmas gifts - at least not reasonable enough to be heavily advertised on TV as such, they way they are here. Because [Spoiler Alert!] no one on my list is getting anything even remotely in that price range - something my wife is most likely already aware of, but I could still do without Madison Ave. rubbing her nose in it several times an hour, thanks.

So...your turn to visit. Futon's waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Frank, you're my fuckin hero. And that's not the ti martoonis talking. That's from the fuckin heart