Monday, November 19, 2007

One Hundred Years of Attitude

Today is the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Actually, in keeping with the modern tradition of denuding everything of its original significance, today is the "bank holiday" for the three-day weekend in honor of the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, which is in fact tomorrow. We haven't looked into it yet, but we're sure you can get an insane!!! deal on a mattress or a used car today. Pancho Villa would be psyched.

Just to help you keep it straight, the revolution that over threw the Spanish in 1810, that's September 16. Today - er, tomorrow - is the 1910 revolution that overthrew Porfirio Diaz.

1810...1910...kinda makes you wonder. So it's heartening to see the graffiti below starting to pop up around the country (though not, of course, in Queretaro, where 91% of the population thinks everything is doubleplusgood):

"See you in 2010!"

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Anonymous said...

The Queretano dream... that is why many chilango come to the city to live, and then ruin everything and you get more than 9% of gripe population.