Sunday, November 25, 2007

There'll Always Be an England

The Missus has been taking this opportunity to catch up on her viewing of BBC America - as much as nine hours on some days. If you've never been to England, but watch a lot of BBCA, then you know that the average Brit is a fat, filthy, poorly dressed failure who can't shop, decorate or run a business unless they are first bullied and humilated by an abusive uptight (and needless to say, British) schoolmarm who condescendingly explains to them things most of us learned in grade school.

Also, Shakespeare was British. I know this because it usually comes up when the Brits are talking about what a cultural wasteland the US is.

Opps - goota go. Being the Sexiest is coming on...

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Fat, filthy, badly dressed , failed English businessman said...


Priceless! BBC World TV is the biggest load of gobshite I have ever had the misfortune to witness. I pity the poor fools in England who have to pay for a pure trash station that they themselves cannot watch!

I pity them...