Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top Ten

The Swampscott Reporter's Top 10 Things to Do in Swampscott and Marblehead This Week:

#1 – Enjoy Thanksgiving tradition

#2 – Build a gingerbread house

#3 – Get your tickets for an upcoming children’s performance

#4 – Get set to visit Parris

[Jazz Vocalist Rebecca Parris will return to Marblehead for her annual Holiday Jazz Concert...]

#5 - Chorus tickets available for sale

#6 – Learn to Salsa
[Dancer’s Dream Studio will begin an 8-week series of beginner to intermediate Latin dance lessons taught by instructor Raul...]

#7 – Tour London
[Unlike the "Parris" thing, this refers to the actual London.]

#8 – Explore Erlich
[Erlich Gallery, 96 Washington St., Marblehead...]

#9 – Get set with tickets for ‘First Frost’ in Marblehead

#10 – ‘Movement of the Spirit’ at Cloister Gallery


Anonymous said...

Now you know why I am trying to move out of this raging Metropolis! I can't take much more of the excitement. I need a quiet place to live out the rest of my life.


Burro Hall said...

Have you tried Parris?