Monday, November 19, 2007

We're Comin' to Your Town to Help You Party Down

Well, if your town happens to be Swampscott, Mass., anyway. We're leaving for Mex City this afternoon, and then will spend 14 hours getting home tomorrow because, amazingly, there are no nonstop flights between Boston and Mexico City. (For comparison, it takes 15 hours to fly from JFK to Hong Kong.) Posting here will be light for the next week or so because nothing of interest ever, ever, (really, ever) happens in Swampscott.

We'll have the 718 cellphone if you need us. Party at my parents' house on Saturday, if you're in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

So that leaves the rest of us to make snide comments about child matadors, right?

AGS said...

Thanks for the heads up. We'll uhhhh, keep an "eye" on your place now that we know you're gone for a while. No, do not thank us, Senior. It will be our pleasure.

Angel Guerro Sanchez
4 p.m. to midnight Watch Commander
Queretaro Division
Federal Judicial Police

Burro Hall said...

The casa is being patrolled in our absence by a hungry pug and a feral kitten, so don't step unless you're carrying, pendejos.

Patrick said...

Good God, man, you are a blogging machine! Don't you have a job? (Oh, wait a minute...) Have a great Thanksgiving. I'll do my best to carry the droll wit load alone from Japan for a week, but I'm only one man. And not even a member of the Writer's Guild of America.

AGS said...

Si, the perro was indeed brave in the face of adversity, but sold you out once we tossed him mucho carnitas. And Senior, you know I always come strapped.

Many apologies for the mess we may, or may not have left.