Monday, November 12, 2007

Without Fear or Favor

Just wanted to bring you all up to date on the major story of the month down here: Diario de Querétaro's move to a new office building. Today's front page features just two photos of the publisher - him and the governor wearing matching DQ baseball caps; and disembarking solo from the first helicopter to land on the Diario's rooftop heliport.

It's not all self-congratulation, of course. The man at the bottom of the page is the ex-governor, Antonio Calzada, who sat down with the DQ for an exclusive one-on-one. The headline: "Calzada, Newspaper Addict." The first three words of the article: "Diario de Querétaro..."

Some excerpts:

"Diario de Querétaro has made history, and all queretanos should be regular readers, said Calzada."

"Calzada revealed that he has an 'absolute need' to read this paper every day."

"The ex-governor did not hesitate to say that this newspaper is "an example to the nation' for its redesign and relocation, and he predicted - without hesitation - a grand future for the Diario de Querétaro."

"The governor recalled how he was there at the 'birth' of the Diario de Querétaro, and how he developed friendships with each of the publishers, reporters and photographers."

"'For me, the Diario de Querétaro has been a determining factor in the reinvigoration of Querétaro,' said the ex-governor."

It goes on for another eight paragraphs, but you get the idea. We will of course keep you posted on any developments in the constantly-breaking story.


s said...

Taking a page from Diario de Queretaro, the "Metro" had a front page story: "Metro Boston now 2nd only to Globe in circulation"---the fact that hawkers hand it to you as you get on the train in the morning for free I'm sure has nothing to do with its stellar circulation numbers....wait until they move to a new office building....s

Burro Hall said...

Think how big the number would be if they printed a million copies a day and dumped them all in the Charles.

DQ had just one photo of the publisher on page one today, plus an interview with another ex-governor who praised the paper, but not as gushingly. I guess this story is finally winding down.

Of course, if you search the El Universal site for publisher Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, you get back 1200 articles, so it's not just a Queretaro thing.

And I guess a tv news guy shouldn't be criticizing other outlets for execessive narcissism, should I?