Monday, December 03, 2007

04419568025858 Is A Joke

The latest flare-up in the "drug war" here is taking place just a few inches from Texas in Rio Bravo, where the town's ex-mayor, Juan Antonio Guajardo Anzaldúa, was gunned down along five other people last week, prompting the president to send in the army.

So one of the national papers wrote up a bit of the backstory today, recounting an incident four weeks earlier where Guajardo's house was surrounded by cartel gunmen who fired automatic weapons and hand grenades at him for half an hour.

Immediately, he dialed 044 19 56 80 25 858 from his cellphone to ask the police for help. They never came.

Putting aside for a minute the liklihood that this is not, technically, accurate - it's safe to say that probably half the people firing into his windows were cops - the emergency police number in Rio Bravo is fourteen digits long?


s said...

I am guessing that the gunmen who failed to assasinate the mayor a week earlier despite having had a half an hour of target practice with the guy--with full autos and grenades, no less--- has got to make them the laughingstock of drug assassins everywhere. s

Burro Hall said...

Except in Tijuana, where the soon-to-be-named police chief had his house shot up by a dozen gunmenfor 20 minutes in the middle of the night last week.