Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

And they're off - the 6:55AM flight to Boston, via Houston, took off this morning with my parents on board, a wonderful time having been had by all. (I told you we'd only have nice things to say.) Regardless of whether or not they enjoyed it (and they did), one thing is now certain: if you were ever considering visiting us, but you hadn't gotten around to it yet, my Mom made it down here before you did. Think about that a minute, tough guy.

Anyway, having gotten up at 4:30, it's time for a siesta. Fifty percent of the known British population of Querétaro lives in this house, so Boxing Day is pretty much whatever we decide it is, and this year it's a long, Ambien-fueled afternoon nap.

And to all, a good night.

Update, 1:35pm: Parents just called to say that they've arrived in the Abominable Black Hole of Suckitude, Houston, Texas, a mere four and a half hours late, after bad weather kept them circling George "The Good One" Bush Airport until they ran out of fuel, forcing an emergency landing in Corpus Christi. They should be home just seventeen hours after they left their hotel this morning. Unless they shatter the Time-Space Continuum and wind up stranded on the Lost island or something.


'Eddie Willers' said...

Unfortunately, 50% of the known Brit population of Tampico (ie: ME) had to work like indios on Boxing Day - competition never sleeps!

Burro Hall said...

Aww. We'd have brought you a, uh, box, or something if we'd known.

We invited the other 50% of the Brit population over last night, only to discover that, between us, no one had any leftovers. So we ordered pizza. A Boxing Day ni mexicano, ni britanico, really.