Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cat On a Hot Tin Coop

The gatita decided to talk a little walk around the neighborhood last night, climbing off our roof, crossing the neighbors' and disappearing into the night. The way houses are built here, she could easily wind up inside any house on the block without ever realizing she'd left her own. She came back an hour later as if nothing happened, but not before Laura and I wandered around the block shaking a container of cat food, and asking the neighbors to please not toss out any gray kitten they might find unexpectedly in their kitchens.

First thing this morning we were off to the hardware store to purchase several meters of chicken wire to be used for non-chicken purposes (a misdemeanor in these parts, I believe). I'm not sure if we've fully secured the roof, but at the very least we've upped the stakes on her, since any attempt to circumvent my Rube Goldberg apparatus will result in her plunging to her death in the alley below.

Update, 8:45pm: Just tore down the chicken wire after finding the kitty on the neighbor's roof, unable to get back over to ours because some fool had put up a chicken wire fence. She seemed rather irritated by the whole thing.

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