Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Consumer Brands of Which I Was Unaware

During Spanish class yesterday - which has basically devolved into a twice weekly, 90-minute blabfest; we might as well be painting our toenails while we're at it - Betty asked me if there had ever been a president as unpopular as GW Bush. "Carlos Salinas," I said. (Thank you. Thank you very much.) Then I started to introduce her - since she had never heard of him - to our 37th president, Richard Nixon.

"Nixon?" she said. "Like the hemorrhoid medication?"

Oh my God, I thought - all my Christmas shopping taken care of in five minutes! Sadly, after an hour of fruitless searching online, I learned that they don't spell it the same way as Tricky Dick did, but it's still interesting that when Mexicans hear the name of our disgraced former president, the first thing they think of is a painful rectal itch. I thought I was the only one.


Anonymous said...

I always thought of him as a painful rectal itch!!


Anonymous said...

"Nikzon's The One" for gringo bloggers who spend too much time sitting on their butts obsessively checking their internets statistics.

Richard, who doesn't trust Blogger not to sell his data to corporate greedheads)