Friday, December 28, 2007

Decline of the British Empire, Part XXVII

Perusing some of the local papers online this morning (since actual newsstands don't open until after 9AM) we clicked on an article with the eye-catching headline "War Anticipated Between US and Mexico." "Wow," we thought, "With the big boys all running after Pakistan, Diario El Corrigidor went and got themselves a nice little scoop!"

Of course, they meant war in the metaphorical, cultural sense - which we suppose is a good thing, since life in an internment camp here would probably be pretty tedious. But more importantly, the piece was actually an interview with Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson, who is described as "The minister of culture for the UK Embassy in Mexico," who has been "a resident of our country for more than four years." (The research staff has been unable to find any other reference to this online, including the British Embassy in Mexico, but it'd be weird, even by local standards, for the paper to have gotten that wrong.)

Of course, with Benny Hill dead and Dame Edna still maintaining a busy tour schedule, Mr. Bean is as good a choice for cultural attache as Her Majesty could hope for.

Update: Did you know Dec 28 was April Fool's Day in Mexico? Neither did we. As Mexican comedy generally involves wacky hats, blackened front teeth, pants-dropping and slide whistles, we're pretty easy marks for a deadpan joke.

Of course, like the 60 Minutes National Guard memos, no one has proven that Mr. Bean is not the British Cultural Ambassador to Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

Today is Fool's Day in Mexico, the equivalent of April's Fool.

In Today news in Queretaro, the governor expeled from the state the former mayor, and the city will be home of the Olimpic Games.