Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dumb in the Afternoon

Lotsa bull-related bullshit going on this weekend. I was going to mention this in last weekend's ramblings, but it seemed too inside-bullfighting, so to speak. Last weekend's action in Mexico City was the first time in almost 60 years that a majority of the bullfighters on the program were foreigners. Apparently, this is against the law, since Mexico has some weird protectionist quota thing about bullfighting (something not even Tom Tancredo would advocate for, say, Major League Baseball). Since a regular bullfight only features three toreros, that means one foreigner is okay, but two is not. (Last weekend gave us a Mexican, a Spaniard and a Portuguese.) So why did the empresarios do this? Because one of the foreigners was a rejoneador - a bullfighter on horseback. Spectacularly, the law says that rejoneadors don't count as bullfighters on the program (Article 43-I). Except that four Articles later, the law says they do. Cuz, y'know, who has time to read these things before enacting them?

So the municipality where the Mexico City ring (the largest in the world, at right) is located, decided to cancel tomorrow's fight because last weeks fight broke the law. Or didn't. And they they decided to uncancel it, and maybe cancel next week's. Or not.

Meanwhile, here in Q-Town, there's an annual fall expo going on - sort of a Mexican version of the Topsfield Fair - and for the first time, they've constructed a temporary bullring. They apparently had a really good show last weekend. So the regular bullring in Querétaro promptly got this weekend's bullfight at the fair shut down by invoking a law prohibiting two bullrings from existing within 50 km. of each other. (Yankee Stadium to Shea: 16 km.) The guy running the bullring at the fair - who happens to be the same guy who runs the bullring in Juriquilla, a suburb of Querétaro - pointed out that the guy running the Querétaro bullring sucks, and that all he ever puts on are novilladas, which is bullfight jargon for "rookie bullfighters barely out of high school." He has a point, of course.

So now the rest of the season planned at the fairground is in question, and who knows what will happen in Mexico City. Querétaro will continue holding amateur night, and Juriquilla will put on some decent bullfights attended by socialites who are only there to get their picture in the paper. It's as if the bulls planned it all...


Anonymous said...

Score one for the bulls!


Burro Hall said...

Well, except that the bullfight in Mexico City and the novillada in Queretaro went as planned (Men: 12, Bulls: 0), while the bulls destined for the fairground probably only get a one-week reprieve. (Of course, as fighting bulls, their life is pretty sweet - way better than those cows you eat - so an extra week is definitely a win.)

On our cable, we get the Spanish channel TVE. During the bullfight on Unicable yesterday, TVE was running a cooking show making bull's tail stew, so I was able to switch back and forth between the two. The Circle of Life. Pretty thing.