Thursday, December 20, 2007

Family Circus

After a three hour inclement-weather-induced delay at Logan - which I'm sure has illustrated for them more eloquently than I ever could why we have not come home for the past two Christmases and have no plan to do so in the immediate future - the padres have touched down in Houston in plenty of time to board the 5:50 to QRO "International" Airport. It's their first trip here.

Not that they're strangers to Mexico; they've been here plenty of times, but usually within earshot of the surf on either coast. This picture was taken during our first family excursion into Mexico, a day-trip to Tijuana from San Diego in 1985. We caused quite a ruckus during that brief visit when my hair was mistaken for the great feathered serpent-god, Quetzalcoatl. (In fact, though we left town within hours, my hair went on to rule Baja California for six peaceful years.) That trip was also the first time I came face to face with unemployed, unshaven, middle-aged gringos drifting aimlessly through the Mexican landscape, reeking faintly of alcohol even though it was still morning. "Someday, Franco," I said to myself. "Someday..."

(And, yes, I am kicking myself for not peeling off that poster and getting it framed, thank you for asking. Stupid 18-year-old self.)

But I digress. The point I wanted to make was that dispatches will be somewhat infrequent over the next week, since any story worth telling will inevitably involve my parents, who would likely be sitting across the room from me as I was writing. While we in principle believe in reporting without fear or favor on friend and foe alike, we in practice tend not to do so when said persons are in a position to throw a drink in our face or, perhaps more importantly, pick up the check for dinner. (Notice how you never read anything about our local friends and neighbors? Trust me, it's not for lack of material.)

If anyone reading this is actually a resident of Queretaro, please behave. It's just for a week.

I suppose I'd better go gargle and shave.


Krellinator said...

Have a muy bueno time, Koughans! I respect the hell out of your trip. Frank, can you at least post some photos, if you're going to refrain from the meanspirited and ungrateful commentary?

Burro Hall said...

Hey, who said anything about refraining from meanspirited, ungrateful commentary? You'll just have to wait until Wednesday. With all the Christmas rush, it'll be here before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Some neighbors, those of best-selling authordom, welcome the publicity, good bad or indiferent. Just get the name of the book right. It's called "El Sudario" and is available at fine bookstores in those towns that have fine bookstores.

Burro Hall said...

"David Richards, author of the best-selling thriller El Sudario was arrested last night and charged with drunkness, public indecency and interfering with a religious procession. At the time of his arrest, the suspect was wearing only a tube sock on his genitals.

"The suspect's book, which is said to make an excellent Christmas gift, is available from Amazon, starting at just $14.03."

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll behave, and not throwing so many firecrackers all day, and not many festivals in front of your house... from my part