Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny Maid Tricks

Although the one we have works just fine, our amiga took it upon herself to install another clothesline on the roof, about four feet in front of the other one. It's blue - the color of the surrounding sky - and set at the exact level of my corneas, a height which I'm sure seems perfectly sensible if, like her, you're 13 inches shorter than me. My left eye, at least, is starting to come back into focus.

Also, maybe it's a cultural thing, but what looks to her like pieces of paper scattered about the house is actually a meticulously-crafted system of self-notification, which she destroys twice a week by tidying every scrap of paper into neat little piles and stashing them someplace different every time. Which is why I only just re-discovered the notice saying the power would be cut off as of today if I didn't pay the bill. No problem - I'll just run down to the power company and give them some cash.

Except, because a hallucinating priest imagined he saw a levitating woman fill his cloak with roses 476 years ago, the power company is closed. So are the banks, where you can pay bills like this. And the automatic payment machines in the power company lobby are out of order. All three of them. And he power company website, which invites you to pay your bill on line, merely shows me the bill when I click "pay your bill," but has no apparent mechanism for actually paying it.

Unfortunately, while these dopes don't make it easy to actually pay your bill, they also don't give you any leeway for late payment, so I'll be spending the rest of the day sitting here, waiting for the man to show up to unplug me from the city grid, so I can bribe him.


Anonymous said...

To pay on.line you need a bank account in a mexican bank, they provide that service.

CFE will give you two days more of chance to pay, in El Pueblito there is another CFEmatico also in boulevares.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes pay my CFE bill at the grocery store, and also at 7/11. So there are a few options besides online and the bank, but the bribing of the CFE guy works too. He lives in Mexico, he certainly would understand the situation when you explain,it sounds plausable to me!

Anonymous said...

OXXO! dude, you can pay everything there and there is one in every corner.