Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Grand Theft Auto: Querétaro

Today's "Sad Statistic of the Day": According to the Querétaro state prosecutor's office, the most-stolen cars in Querétaro are "white Nissans, model years 1985-1995, and 1998." Because queretano newspapers are the worst in the world, there's no information regarding which specific models we're talking about, or whether the inclusion of the model year info means that the various Nissan years actually represent the Top Twelve Most Stolen Cars, or, most importantly, why no one is stealing 1996 and 1997 Nissans here.

Bottom line: is there anything sadder than having to steal a white 1985 Nissan?


Anonymous said...

Tsurus, you can steal one and mixed up with thousands more that are in th city, nobody will notice

Anonymous said...

How about a 1986 black one (Maxima)? It went like the wind, (5-speed/over drive), and was then the drug-transporting car of the year, according to the police who filed the report and the NYFD guy who found it, thinking it was his brother's stolen one. I hear that they still fly for oldies (they were always made with the previous year's Z engine).