Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Great Doll of China

Just to bring you all up to date on Mexico's biggest export crop, bikini models: The 2007 Miss World pageant was held last night in China, where the not-at-all-rigged judging awarded the title to...Miss China! (Man, how great are those 2008 Olympics going be?) But should Miss China be found to contain dangerously high levels of lead or diethylene glycol, and first runner-up Miss Angola meet with some horrible landmine accident back in her home country, the title will go to the second runner-up, Miss Mexico, Carolina Moran. As you can see, she's real purty, but unfortunately none too bright. According to her official bio,

Her mottoes are “Family life is a foretaste of heaven” and “We can have a better life if we improve our attitude”.

We can also have a better mottoes if we improve our logical thinking, as these two seem to contradict each other. At the very least, she's saying either that family life is not heavenly enough, or that even heaven sucks if you have a bad attitude.

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