Sunday, December 09, 2007


Time now for another edition of Plugging Our Friends, today featuring Adrian and Alejandra (who is the niece of our landlord, because it's that kind of cozy little town), and their new restaurant, Bhaji, which happens to be the best Indian restaurant in all of Querétaro. Partly this is because it is the only Indian restaurant in all of Querétaro - indeed, it's one of only five in Mexico - but trust us, it's great by any standard. They don't even make the curries beforehand, but instead whip them up from scratch for each individual order, which is the kind of of thing you really don't need to do when selling to people who have never eaten Indian before, but they do it anyway.

We've sent a few friends there, however, and most have come back saying they couldn't find it (it's quite small, and there are signage issues they're working on), so here's a little map (above). Felipe Angeles 229.

I've always argued that Indian curry is actually British food, but I can see how "comida britanica" might be a hard sell. There was an article about Bhaji in the paper today, and I was amused to see it being called "hindu food." My guess is that, in a country full of Indians, "Indian food" probably means "Mexican food" - or, as they call it here, "food," but I don't really know.

Speaking of foreign food, at the far end of Felipe Angeles (I had overshot Bhaji) is a sign for a new sushi place, which listed a website. You can download the menu here. Browse through the rollos and count how many times you see the words queso crema - cream cheese - and you'll get an idea what we're up against here. It's just wrong. The sushi is awash in cream cheese, but there's not a bagel joint to be found.


Patrick said...

I'm totally starting a sushi con cream cheese place here in Japan and calling it a Mexican restaurant. "Experience a taste of Queretero!" (Also, I'm filing a letter of complaint with Google over the fact that every time I try to leave a comment on your blog, it assumes from my IP address that I'm Japanese and I have to navigate the instructions in Kanji. Racial profiling in blogging is so 20th century.)

Burro Hall said...

You're gonna need a lot of smoked fish, gaijin. Seriously, just kill me now.

'Eddie Willers' said...

You have a curry house?

Dude! Tell us where and review it fast!

Finally, a very fresa Indian place opened here in Tampico. Natch, as a Brit, I was at the head of the line. The atmosphere was nice but the food (I had a chicken madras) was 'meh!' - OK, I suppose. Wife had something with lamb and the meat was more fat than anything.

The bill was an eye-watering 600 pesos for 1 entree each, 1 beer and 1 orange juice.

I wanted to explain to them that Indian food, in the UK, is like Chinese - it's nothing really special (but everyone has their favourite place) but more of a cheap and cheerful meal.

Oh well...back to the tacos de arrachera

Burro Hall said...

This place is actually run by a Brit. 'Nuff said. No frills, and priced for Mexican students. The only way you could spend 600 pesos there would be to have your car towed.