Sunday, December 30, 2007


If you're checking in here on a Sunday, you obviously don't have a lot of other things you could be doing, so you won't mind if I burden you with some statistics.

This is the time of year that the wretched, horrible illegals who are destroying the very fabric of America, etc, etc, come back for a home-cooked meal and some holiday cheer. I've only just learned that Mexicans call these people paisanos, which delights me because it reminds me of Robert DeNiro and Bruno Kirby in The Godfather, Part II. Anyway, in case you're keeping detailed notes, there are (according to news reports) 50,000 paisanos from the state of Querétaro up in El Norte doing stuff you don't want to do. This year, they sent home $443 million (which the Crazy Brigades refer to as a "transfer of wealth" even though [a] they worked for it and [b] it works out to less than a dollar a day going into the pocket of every resident of Querétaro). In 2007, forty-one paisanos died in the US. Sending the remains home costs about $6,000 per corpse.

San Juan del Rio (sort of Querétaro's "Second City") has designated December 23 as Migrants Day, staring next year. Reserve your hotel rooms now.

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Anonymous said...

"Paisano" has a second meaning, at least in Espanglish: road runner (as in "beep-beep") -- though, having to cross the border rather quickly if one is without papers, it kinda-sorta fits.