Friday, December 07, 2007

Queen B

Weird as it is to have a Christmas beauty queen (sadly, not called "Miss Baby Jesus," but la reina de las fiestas de Navidad), it was even weirder to wander out to the Plaza de Armas last night and stumble upon her coronation. Begoña González Goyeneche, known to her subjects as Begoña I, took over the throne - literally, there was a throne - from the outgoing Blanca Rosa I in a ceremony reminiscent of a papal visit. There was an orchestra, a children's choir, folk dancers in native dress, fireworks and, of course, dignitaries. In Querétaro, "dignitary" refers to just two people, the mayor and the governor, both of whom spend so much time kissing babies and posing for pictures that it's amazing they have time to actually govern. This was the first time we'd seen Gov. Garrido at an event like this, and were delighted to learn that whenever he is introduced (he was introduced twice last night) a recording of the "Querétaro es Mejor!" jingle is played. I'm guessing a deputy follows him around all day, preceding him into the room with a recording of his theme song.

For all the pomp and circumstance, the actual coronation happened so quickly and unceremoniously that we almost missed it. Here's the magic moment. The mayor's on the left, governor on the right, awkwardly un-poised (Should I sit? Should I stand?) reina in the middle.

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Anonymous said...

The goverment jingle is always played at the entrance of the governor in every state in Mexico, kind of silly...