Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Separation of Church and Fourth Estate

Nov 8, 2007: The Bishop of Querétaro blesses the new printing presses at the Diario de Querétaro newspaper.

Dec 11, 2007:
The Bish issues his annual Advent Proclamation, urging us all to "look within yourselves and cleanse the muck from your souls." The Diario runs it front page, above the fold, with a banner headline screaming, "Cleanse Your Souls".

I really can't wait much longer for the Rapture.

Update: a.m. is making a strong challenge for the Worst Newspaper in Querétaro title currently held by the Diario. Today's edition has a story about how Miss Mexico is "going for the crown" at the Miss World Pageant in China. "She has a good chance..." says a.m. "It will be the decisive moment in her career."

Memo to a.m.: the Pageant was held ten days ago. She came in third. It was even on the internets. (With video in Spanish, too.)

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