Monday, December 10, 2007

The Sexiest Man Alive, 2007

Searching for something else this morning, we accidentally found the website for what we believe to be Queretaro's only paparazzo, a man who actually signs his name Franci...oh! As you can see, Franci's ...oh!-euvre consists primarily of pictures of himself standing next to various bimbos, which makes you wonder who's taking the pictures. No matter. Franci...oh! belongs in front of the lens. The smoldering eyes, the head tilted slightly forward (a move lifted from Princess Di, who of course did not have a double chin), the knitted brow, the pouting lips, the pose is vintage Franci...oh!. Seriously, he throws it down in every single picture, which makes us think maybe he's had a stroke or cerebral palsy or something. Which we suppose would make this post less funny. Or not.


Anonymous said...

It looks like fotoshop at it's best. Really, it looks like his head has been transplanted in each picture.
You did better work with Jesus.


'Eddie Willers' said...

Maybe he's a graduate of the Zoolander school of modelling.

Amiga del Lorax said...

Dreadfully disappointed to find the lonks broken. I hope you ddn't scare hm away!!