Saturday, December 22, 2007

T'was Christmas Eve, Babe, In the Drunk Tank

Beauty queens - you fly 'em around the world, parade 'em in their underwear in front of a television audience, judge 'em like prized heifers and then shower 'em with tiaras and "scholarship" money, and how do they repay you? By getting all Lindsay Lohan on you.

Last October, Monterrey's Priscila Perales joined the nation's Pantheon of Heroic Role Models when she was crowned Miss International - a pageant we called out as bullshit at the time. I guess we'll find out for sure, now that Perales spent a few hours in jail after racing her BMW through the streets of Monterrey with a blood-alcohol level high enough to win her "Miss Inebriated 2007." Will Miss International First Runner-Up Miss Greece be getting a phone call? Stay tuned.

(On a tangential note, I'm actually surprised to find drunk driving is illegal here, since it's the only thing I can think of to explain the way people drive. The article isn't very helpful, explaining she had "0.9 grados" of alcohol in her blood - which I assume is not the same as a blood alcohol level of 0.9, which would not only have killed her, but mummified her. The article does explain, helpfully, that there are two classifications of intoxication here - "incomplete" and "complete," with "complete" meaning "on the verge of unconsciousness." In fairness to my compatriots, most of the drivers in Querétaro are "incompletely" inebriated.

(Also, a click around Priscila is worth a few minutes of your time. Although "bilingual from childhood," her site appears to have been run through Google Translator a few times.)

Priscila enjoys public speaking in both languages, English and Spanish and is interested in expanding her career hosting television programs, events, being a spokesperson and everything related to publicity like TV commercials and beauty campaigns.

She represents the successful latin woman who can be beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

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