Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cat Mitzvah

Well, the kitty became an official adult cat today, which she celebrated by being stuffed in a satchel and dragged off to the animal shelter in Jurica to be spayed. The people at the shelter couldn't be nicer and more cheerful, but as far as a place for surgery goes, it reminded me a little of the place where Coretta Scott King died. Two hours later we returned and were handed a limp, unconscious cat, eyes open, barely breathing. Apparently, this is more or less normal, but still completely unsettling. After driving home at an average speed of 5 m.p.h. (the shelter is on a dirt road covered with Dresden-sized craters), we've propped the little gatita on a blanket in the corner, and are just kind of hanging around waiting for the anesthetic to wear off, at which point...well, we have no idea what happens then.

Update: Okay, what happens is that, once the anesthetic wears off, the cat gets up very quietly and starts staggering and stumbling like 1984-vintage G.W. Bush, until finally, out of the corner of your eye, you notice she's halfway up the stairs to the roof. Then you carry her back to the living room and she stares at you like Julia Stiles in Traffic for like two hours. Then she pees on you.

Here's the li'l vixen in all her drunken, disorderly glory:

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