Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dance Fever

Because the name "Hooray for Everything" was already taken, the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities' annual awards for artsy-and-humanitarian after school programs are instead called Coming Up Taller! I know. Go ahead, take a minute.

The Awards are supposed to be strictly American, but for reasons we don't quite understand, these guys have got some deal where they get to award a couple of Coming Up Tallers to Mexicans (a people not widely known for coming up taller, we note.) As you can see here on the list of semifinalists, the White House appears to be covering up the awarding of a pair of $10,000, taxpayer-funded prizes to the Evil Brown Empire of the South, but that's what Burro Hall is here for. We got your back.

And one of this year's winners is the Instituto Queretano de la Cultura y las Artes for a program designed to teach local youths about Huapango, a regional style of music and dance. Felicidades, amigos!

The li'l huapangueros are headed to the White House next week to pick up their prize from First Lady Laura Bush - for most of them, their first chance to shake hands with an actual killer. Our children really is learning!

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