Sunday, January 13, 2008

Field Trip

We paid a visit to a town about a half hour away called Apaseo El Alto, which was a reminder to us of how few miles you have to drive around here to wind up in someplace completely unlike Querétaro. We'd heard Apaseo was a good place to go for wood carvings (not that we needed any, but it's Sunday). Sure enough, all along the highway all dozens of artisans had their works on display. This being Mexico, of course, there was road work being done on both sides of the highway, and it was impossible to pull over and actually buy anything - which for some reason didn't deter anyone from sitting out in the baking sun all day surrounded by hard-carved statues of Jesus.

The center of town, though was terrific, with a large central plaza anchored by the startlingly out-of-place Templo del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, which is meant to be a replica of St. Peter's Basilica. That's the Templo at left, and the pope's crib at right.

As it was Sunday, there were a half-dozen baptisms going on at once, with a huge crowd of kids gathered outside the Templo waiting for the babies' parents to come out and toss coins or candies (obviously a tradition, though we'd never heard of it). Most of the men were dressed as if they were planning to audition for the sudden vacancy in K-Paz de la Sierra. Very different vibe than here in Querétaro. A lot of people looked as if they might have personal knowledge of a hidden airstrip somewhere in the valley.

There's video (not ours) of the plaza and templo here.


Anonymous said...

The Volo or Volado is a tradtion that the Godfather of the kid has to throw money in the air to the kids to catch. I loved it! I always got a lot of it (kid standard) and bought tons of candy and other stuff.

Burro Hall said...

You're lucky. I barely came away with 20 pesos yesterday - and I was about two feet taller than all those kids.