Thursday, January 24, 2008

Go Blue!

You may recall the picture we posted a week and a half ago of some painters cleverly tying a ladder on top of some scaffolding, in violation of every rule of common sense, if not any actual Mexican workplace safety regulations. Turns out that the building in question is a historically-protected 18th Century government building - the kind of thing you're not supposed to paint without permission from INAH, the historical society. INAH, which just discovered the paint job, is pissed not just because it was unauthorized, but because they would never allow an 18th Cent. edifice to be painted a period-inauthentic blue and orange.

Blue and orange, by the way, are the colors of the National Action Party, the party in power here in Querétaro, - the party of state government secretary Jose Botéllo Montes, whose offices are in the building.

Update, 7:45pm: Right now there are two guys back up on the ladder, which is perched on the scaffold - in the dark - returning the facade to it's period-authentic Nacho Cheese 2018-40.

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