Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Not There Until Feb. 26

For a while there, it was looking like our musical choices for 2008 would be Toto or Hilary Duff, but now comes news that Bob Dylan will be in Mexico City (you didn't think Querétaro, did you?) at the end of February. Before moving here, I'd have assumed tickets would be like 50 cents, but instead we'll probably just hope it's televised.

Does it surprise anyone else that, in about a million songs written over nearly half a century, Dylan has only mentioned Mexico six times?

Update: Daniel points out that I missed two Mexico references. I could fight pedantry with pedantry and point out that (a) it was the search engine's fault and (b) I searched for "Mexico," not for every city, town and place name in Mexico, but in the end he's right. For that matter, I also missed Goin' to Acapulco and, an argument could be made, Señor (Tales of Yankee Power). Going with this much looser standard, the girl in To Ramona is possibly of Mexican descent, And Billy 1 could be set in part in Mexico, depending what he means by "across the river" (though I believe it means New Mexico, which doesn't count.)

Am I the only one surprised to learn that, in about a million songs written over nearly half a century, Dylan has only mentioned Mexico a dozen times or less?


radosh said...

"Dylan has only mentioned Mexico six times?"

You missed the two most important ones.

radosh said...

The reference to Lincoln County in Senor makes me think the song "takes place" in New Mexico, though unlike the other songs we mentioned, it doesn't really have a locale per se.

Don't ever try to match me when it comes to Dylan lyrics, pal.

Burro Hall said...

Sure, but if it has no locale, why couldn't it be one of the other 22 states with a Lincoln County in them? (Not counting Lincoln Parish, LA.) Anyway, the narrator seems Mexican to me, though I'm not sure what the status was of people living in the New Mexican territory between 1848 and statehood in 1912.

Where do we stand on songs written for/inspired by Joan Baez, whose father was from Puebla?

radosh said...

"why couldn't it be one of the other 22 states with a Lincoln County in them? "

Because given Bob's Billy the Kid fixation, it's presumably an allusion to the Lincoln County War. Duh.

Burro Hall said...

I always wondered who the line, "Look out kid /It's something you did" was (presumably) referring to.

Anonymous said...

"En entrevista, Mayer confirmó que Dylan se presentará en el Auditorio Nacional el 26 y 27 de febrero, el 29 en la Arena Monterrey, y el 2 de marzo en Guadalajara, aunque ésta última fecha podría cambiarse a la ciudad de Querétaro."

Maybe you can have the chance to see him in Queretaro.

Burro Hall said...

Hopefully. But things couched in the conditional tense generally don't break in my favor.

Elizabeth said...

Have you taken yourself to see the legendary BobD in the past? Most recently, I saw him 18 mos. ago in a regional stadium -with 'some' festival seating. It was an awesome performance, prior to which I took *my*self as far to the front as I could wander - after many others had succombed to alcohol during Willie Nelson's show. Dylan's was as good a show as I've been to since my 20's (and yes, those *were* the days) But k, you've gotta go with a positive attitude, go early, & be prepared ~

Nice blog :-) Elizabeth

Burro Hall said...

I've seen him twice, both during the Reagan Administration. The first time was a July 4 1987 show with the Dead at Foxboro Stadium, of which I remember very little but now, thanks to YouTube, I don't have to. After that was a double-bill with Tom Petty, of which I remember being much more impressed by Petty. But I hear he's less erratic now.