Monday, January 28, 2008

Iron Balls McGinty

Monday Morning Testicular Carnage Update: In case you haven't been able to sleep wondering how José Tomás is doing after having is scrotum more or less torn off by a charging bull last weekend, suffice it to say he's rolling with it. You'd think that 30 stitches in the huevos mexicanos would lay a guy up for a few weeks at least (personally, it's extremely unlikely that I'd ever get out of bed again), but yesterday afternoon Tomás squeezed into the suit of lights again (presumably with the inseam taken out just a bit) and dispatched a pair of toros in the Feria de Leon.

Thirty stitches did seem like a lot of sutures in such a, er, compact area, but obviously José Tomás's balls are the size of manhole covers, and if you ever see him coming down the street you should just turn tail and run away as fast as you can.

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