Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mama Said Knock You Out

We're still sleeping off the hangover from last night, but our guess at what happened is that the handful of New Hampshirites with electricity (generally, the survivalists or militia) finally saw Obama on television and alerted the rest of the state to the fact that he's black. Thirty-six percent had apparently voted before they got the news.

(Why so hard on the Granite Staters? I assure you it has nothing to do with the way they used to jeer my family as "Massholes" when we'd visit Silver Lake in the summertime. No, it's more because of things like this:

(On the Republican side, nearly half of primary voters said their biggest concerns were terrorism and the Iraq war. The exit polls showed that half were dissatisfied or angry with President Bush. A third disapproved of the war. Each of those groups of Republicans broke decisively for Senator John McCain

(That would be the same John McCain who recently vowed to keep the troops there until 2108, if need be. So of course the anti-war vote broke his way, 'cuz, uh, y'know, Live Free or Die, or something. Imagine how much better NH public schools would be if people there paid taxes.)

CNN International decided to turn the airwaves over to the American CNN last night, so we got to witness Wolf and the Gang in action for the first time in a year and a half. Lord have mercy, are those people as dumb as a bag of hammers. Nearly a dozen full-grown, college educated adults spent (as of the time we called it a night) more than three hours discussing whether or not Hillary's crying cost Obama the victory - proof positive that (if they think that's what a woman crying looks like) none of them have ever lived with a human female.

For us, though, the most fun was the discovery that one of our cable channels (The "American Network," about which we'll write more someday - we have a theory that it is edited and maintained by robots) carries the CBS Evening News at 10:30pm. This allowed us to switch back and forth between Jim Axelrod's "this is the end for the Clinton campaign" piece and Hillary's victory speech. It was like having a time machine with very weak batteries.


Anonymous said...

Hey did you forget that you have family living in NH because they could no longer afford to live in taxachusetts. As for Clinton winning it was due to more of a split vote between Obama and Edwards. THe one you should feel bad for was Thompson who came in behind the write in votes.

Burro Hall said...

I feel worse for my sister trying to raise four children in a state without indoor plumbing but, generally speaking, yes, Fred Thompson saddens me.