Friday, January 04, 2008

No Sympathy for the Devil

Because Christmas can never be too weird... Many Mexican nativity scenes, including the big one here in Querétaro, contain a section devoted to the horrors awaiting the poor souls who refuse to get right with God ASAP. Hell, it seems, is a place full of really big, not at all unsettling papier-mache spiders and rats, overseen by a bloated and somewhat jaded-looking Beelzebub.

So some night last week - I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't actually notice this at the time - someone, possibly having listened to the Louvin Brothers while drunk, walked into the park, gave the night rent-a-guards a big wave, walked over to the Dark Lord, unsheathed a large knife, and beheaded him. The Devil (seen above in happier, headed times) was carted away for repairs but, because no one had the stomach for restoring Satan during the Christmas holidays, his pedestal sits empty now. Without him, the spiders and rats just look silly. It's impossible now to gaze into the firey pits of queretano Hell without giggling. The baby Jesus triumphs once again.

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