Friday, January 18, 2008

Speaking of Men's Asses...

Our friend Stephanie appears to have snuck into Mexico a few weeks ago without so much as a phone call or an email - a fact which let's just say has been noted, and leave it at that. She went to Puerto Vallarta to do some medical reporting and, unfortunately, missed what I think is a much bigger story about PV being an absolute typhoid fever hot zone, infecting unsuspecting American tourists with a horrific disease that, according to the Mayo Clinic, can only be transmitted by something called the "fecal-oral route". But the New York Times readership skews a bit older than Burro Hall, so her report focuses on prostate cancer, specifically a method of treatment known as aceite de serpiente, for which PV is sort of ground zero.

The question of whether or not Puerto Vallarta's urologists wash their hands before going to work - unlike, say, the cooks and waiters in expensive, touristy seafood restaurants - is neither raised nor answered, but then that's what happens when you don't call me first. Still, the story is muy bueno, so go check it out.

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