Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There Won't Be Blood

We picked up a bootleg copy of No Country for Old Men last night, which was apparently copied from the studio before titles, credits and music were added, so far all I know this may not even been the final version of the film.

When we first moved here, we spent close to three hours at Mexican Customs in Matamoros, desperately trying to pantomime our reasons for bringing three towels and two sets of bed sheets, since the Customs Girls (there were three of them and, seriously, they were like 17) were pretty certain that we were planning to open a wholesale linen business in violation of some trade agreement from the 1970s. So the scene in No Country where the guy saunters into Mexico covered in blood and carrying $2 million in cash rang especially true with us.

Like I said, it probably didn't make the final cut.

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Anonymous said...

the story is set like 30 years ago, when that kind of shit happened all the time... i remember this time a hit a drug dealer in Laredo...