Monday, February 11, 2008

Burro Hall Book Club

I just learned via Google News Alert that my friend and ex-60 Minutes neighbor John Marks's new book, Reasons to Believe: One Man's Journey Among the Evangelicals and the Faith He Left Behind has just been published. (And no, I don't have Google News Alerts set up for all my friends, not even for John. It's just that I have one for Hilary Swank, who happens to be starring in the film version of his last novel, Fangland, a fictionalized account of a weekly tv newsmagazine overrun by lesbian vampires. [I say fictionalized because in the book the lesbians are junior staffers, whereas in real life they tend to be management. Otherwise, it's 100% accurate].)

I haven't read it yet, but that shouldn't stop you from running out an buying it. Do I have to do everything for you? Indeed, if you buy just one book about evangelical Christianity between now and April 8, make it Reasons to Believe. (Starting April 8, you've got to buy this one, so get moving people, there's reading to be done.)

Also, John's sort-of-companion film A Purple State of Mind is out and available on DVD. (Trailer here.) In it, John and his still-evangelical college roommate argue nonstop for like 90 minutes. Me and The Franker have been trying to get funding for a similar project for 20 years now.


radosh said...

I'm in the middle of it now and enjoying it very much. It's the second best book about evangelical culture you'll read all year!

Burro Hall said...

This has been another edition Logrolling in Our Time.