Thursday, February 07, 2008

'Cuz He Loves That Dirty Water

Looks like our old pal President Calderon will be swinging through Beantown next week, giving a speech on Monday at the Boston College of Cambridge, Harvard University. (Amusingly, though, His Excellency has been consigned to the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum. I can assure you that as soon as the Mexicans realize this refers to the editor of George Magazine and not the 35th president, the papers will be full of florid condemnations of Uncle Sam. Seriously, Poindexters, move the venue - they're that sensitive about this shit.)

This only came to my attention because I'm on a few politically unpopular mailing lists, through which I received this notice organizing a protest of the visit. It's the usual "the people united will never be defeated" stuff (not to be confused with the "kill'em all" vibe coming from this group of protesters), but what caught my eye with his line:

Boston doesn't appreciate visits from those who violently suppress Indigenous movements and work to create desperate economic conditions that force millions of their citizens to migrate in search of better lives.

Nosiree, not Boston! Would never happen. We're better than that.

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