Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Felipe and Us

We thought you'd enjoy this picture of us and the President of Mexico, taken just minutes ago. We're actually behind the camera, so you can't really see us, but way down at the other end of the blocked-off street, behind the silver SUV surrounded by a scrum of security goons, that's The Honorable Felipe Calderon, President of the Mexican Republic. Okay, it's not exactly Nixon-Elvis, but if you look at it against the whole of Mexico and the continental United States, we're practically sitting in his lap.

The occasion was a ceremony in honor of the aforementioned 91st anniversary of the Mexican Constitution, which was written in the Teatro de la Republica, which is just off the nose of that SUV. We're naive enough that we decided to stroll down there thinking it would be cool to meet the president, only to find the center of town sealed off for like a four block radius by riot police and what looked like about 10 percent of the Mexican Army, all there to control a crowd numbering in the dozens. We're not sure if that meant the security measures were in fact effective, or if the center of town would be empty on the last day of a four-day weekend, presidential motorcade or no.

As a reassuring reminder that children are, indeed, the future, Querétaro's most militant student activists saw the opportunity to make their case before the assembled state, local and municipal functionaries, a good chunk of the Mexican Congress, the local and national media and president of Mexico himself. However, because the opportunity presented itself at the unholy hour of 10:15AM, the kids were nowhere to be found - though, by the time you read this, they should be in the Plaza de Armas delivering their stump speech to a handful of tourists.


Anonymous said...

Geeze, what's FeCal doing, taking paranoia lessons from Dickhead Cheney?

I've been within a few feet of Vicente Fox, AMLO and even His Majesty, Juan-Carlos ("Why don't you zip your lip, Hugo) Bourbon y Bourbon (y Bourbon y Bourbon y ... hic!).

"El pinche Mexfiles"

Burro Hall said...

Hey, Cheney shot a guy in the face recently. If that's your model, the security makes perfect sense.

Local paper reports 300 (three hundred!) armed security personnel, including snipers, which it never even occurred to me to look for. Seriously, there were maybe 20-30 civilians milling around.

Plus, this is PAN Country. It'd be like whacking Bush in Houston. Ridiculous.