Friday, February 15, 2008

Journey to the Bottom of the Sea!

Day after day, month after month, knowing just about nuthin' about nuthin' can be a pretty humbling experience. But every now and then I have an opportunity to show off some hard-won expertise, and self-confidence returns. For instance, seafood. Querétaro is about as far from the sea as Oklahoma City and if you've ever tried the fish here, it shows. I, on the other hand, have personally slaughtered more shellfish than Exxon, so when I say the La Costa Cantabrica, (Jiménez 12, Col. Lindavista, 214 52 52) is the best fish place in all of Querétaro, shut up and take notes, amigos. Being the best fish restaurant in Querétaro isn't much of an accomplishment (if Laura charged, I'd consider putting our own kitchen on the list), and it's not hard to feel good about any two-and-a-half hour, alcohol-fueled lunch, but after after three near-perfect visits I'm declaring this is some of the best fish I've had without actually being able to smell the ocean. The place is family-run, badly located and the food is nothing fancy, but it's fresh, simple and they treat you like family. And for three people, the shrimp fried in garlic and chiles (above), a lightly battered robalo, octopus veracruz, a ceviche appetizer, a couple of rounds of drinks and a dessert came to about 20 bucks a head.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all gushy there, but it's so rare that a restaurant in this town gets the whole dining experience right that, when it happens, I want to literally sing its praises.

[Swagger aside, if anyone wants to suggest a better seafood restaurant, fire away. I'll gladly admit I was wrong.]


Anonymous said...

OK. So now we know your real reason for moving down there! New York had too many food critics!
Great career choice for you since you both know your way around a kitchen and can turn out a pretty fine meal yourselves!!


Anonymous said...

Try Chilo's on the road to San Luis Potosi, food is great and really affordable. But you have to arrive early because it gets crowded.

Is almost infront of Santa Rosa Jauregui.