Saturday, February 02, 2008

Look At That Little Monkey Go!

This ad for Taco John's was sent to us by the Swampscott Bureau. I'm probably the wrong guy to be making judgments on Latino marketing imagery (better to ask here or here), but the company's mascot appears to be a monkey in a sombrero riding a dog, about which I'd like to hear more from our Mexican commenters.

Is this offensive? (The ad, I mean. I'm assuming we're all in agreement on the Seasonal Choco Taco question.) Maybe I'm overly sensitive. Or maybe I'm just old enough to remember Howard Cosell getting in trouble 25 years ago over a comment eerily similar to the ad's tagline.

Tangentially-Related Homoerotic Update: This guerrilla video, shot in a Taco John's franchise in Eau Claire, WI, of a hardcore band playing a song exquisitely titled "Call More Dudes," prompts one of the best user comments ever: "For playing at a taco shop, it sure is a sausage fest."


Anonymous said...

It's funny I don't think is offensive at all.

The poor monkey may think different, the poor animal was in panic.

Anonymous said...

The monkey is Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey, he's been doing rodeos for 16 years.