Friday, February 08, 2008

Mad Hot 'pango

Last night I was sitting up on the roof, nursing a tumbler full of mezcal, and pondering - as I do from time to time - how much I could use two grand in cold, hard pesos, what with work being a bit sporadic and the Missus having grown accustomed to a certain level of, how you say, high-flying luxury over the years.

And then I come across a flyer for the National Huapango Dance Contest next month in Pinal de Amoles, Querétaro. First prize: $2,000! Of course I signed us both up immediately (under the noms de danse Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano, to give 'em fair warning that Brooklyn's in da house and playing to win). I haven't mentioned it to Laura yet, but this thing is so fool-proof even she couldn't argue with it. Now all we need to do is sign up for a crash course in Huapango (probably with these guys) find a good costume designer, phonetically memorize some earnest yet humble patter for the judges, and 'pango our way to the Big Time.

Posting may be light over the next five weeks.

Update: Okay, scratch that "crash course in Huapango" thing, 'cuz YouTube pretty much takes care of it. Looks like we're not going to need nearly as much rehearsal time as I was budgeting because, as you can see after about 30 seconds, the Huapango is, with a couple simple modifications, genetically hardwired into the Irish-American brain (and feet), in a way that feels like I'm about to steal two-large from these guajiros. It seems almost...unfair, like dancing against fish in a barrel.


s said...

Maybe your fellow dancing fool Mark Cuban could give you some pointers on how to impress the judges.....s

Anonymous said...

Why not try out for a screeching part? We could knock out one of your teeth, paint on a mustache,place your foot in a bear trap, hand you a guitar, teach you the lyrics and you would be a shoe-in!!!

Anonymous said...

The prize is for $ 21,000.00 pesos not $2,000.00 pesos

You can... buy a new LCD TV 42" with a home theater for that money

Burro Hall said...

Um, $21,000.00 = $2,000.00, más o menos, no? Actually, $1,951.58, but whatever.

(It wasn't my idea for Mexico to use the dollar sign to indicate pesos.)