Monday, February 18, 2008

Migrant Worker Seeks Shelter

So in the interest of continuing to be able to purchase food, clothing and shelter around here, I'll be coming up to El Norte to do some work for the Sinaloa Cartel. Back when I was in the clandestine services we referred to these sort of gigs as "black bag jobs," though I think the younger generation today calls it "wet work." Really, its just some kind of loyalty test. Anyway, I've probably said more than I should have.

So I'll be in NYC for pretty much all of March and April....Can I stay with you?

Ha ha! Just kidding! You don't want me on your couch for two months any more than I want to be there - but seriously, if anyone knows of a place that would be empty for some or all of that time (I'm resigned to the fact that I may have to move around a bit) please shoot me an email. I'll be working in Midtown, so would prefer the 212 area code, but Brooklyn will do. I have a budget for rent - not excessive, but let's talk. Plus, there's the bragging rights of being able to say your apartment is the famous Burro Hall. (It's sort of like Air Force One - it's not a specific aircraft, but whatever plane happens to be carrying the president of the United States.)

And of course, anyone who wants to get together for non-Mexican food or non-tequila-based cocktails, be in touch.

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