Monday, February 25, 2008

Run To The Hills

In the extraordinarily unlikely even that you woke up this morning wondering, "Gosh, what ever happened to Iron Maiden?" fear not - they're right here in Mexico, finishing up a four-day tour at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. Yesterday the boys gave a press conference before the big show, talking the usual heavy metal crap - which El Universal dutifully records in a headline, "Bruce Dickinson Says There's No Better Country to Play Than Ours!"

Sigh. Okay guys, look, when a heavy metal band says something like, "Is Cleveland ready to rock tonight, because no one rocks harder than Cleveland!!" they don't actually mean that, in all the world, no city rocks harder than Cleveland. No one in Cleveland takes it seriously. (Okay, I'm realizing now that this is not the best example, but no one in any other city would take it seriously.) As the article notes, correctly, Maiden has played Mexico five times in 33 years. That's because there are many other countries better to play than yours. Just sayin'.

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