Saturday, February 16, 2008

USA: The Deadly Destination

Catalina Garcia moved with her family from Guadalajara to Cicero, IL, where she hoped someday to become a teacher - a dream she was trying to fulfill by studying education at Northern Illinois University. But, as often happens in a place as insanely dangerous as the United States, 20-year-old Catalina was shot to death by a crazed gunman as she sat taking notes in her lecture hall. University officials never warned Catalina of the likelihood of being gunned down on their campus, despite the startling frequency with which this occurs in American schools. Some reports describe the shooter, an American, as "somewhat erratic," while others insist he "showed few hints of trouble." Which just goes to show you, there's the truth, and then there's the American version of the truth.

Once again, Burro Hall urges its readers: if you absolutely must visit the United States, exercise extreme caution.


Anonymous said...

Thank God you three got through school without that kind of terror. I just feel sorry for my Grandchildren. They still have to face a very scary future.


Anonymous said...

Being a journalist in Mexico is very dangerous, the drug dealers kill them, but in the USA being a student is also dangerous.