Thursday, February 28, 2008

World's Greatest Deliberative Body

I love this country.

An actress-turned- lawmaker in southern Mexico is on the defensive after a racy clip of her performing a striptease in a chestnut wig and lacy red lingerie made its way to the popular video-sharing Web site YouTube.

Before winning a seat in Veracruz state's legislature in September, Dalia Perez worked as a local television show presenter and she co-starred in the [never-released] 2006 movie "Xalapeno Chiles," playing a table dancer named Ana having an affair with a powerful politician.

A clip from the film posted online this week shows Perez performing a pole-dance striptease as a man looks on from a hotel bed.

This is,of course, unlikely to be a career-breaker, but rather a stepping-stone to higher office...

Several Mexican actresses have won election to the country's Senate despite risque roles on stage or screen, including Silvia Pinal, Maria Rojo and Irma Serrano.

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