Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Best Thing to Come Out of Iraq in Five Years

You may recall the story of of friend Miriam, whose Iraqi aunt was gunned down in front of her children by American-funded mercenaries, and her shamefully frustrating efforts to extract her three orphaned cousins from that dysfunctional mess of a country.

After eight months of painstaking work, during which they made a connection with someone connected to the Jordanian royal family, comes this message:

I'm delighted to tell you that 2 weeks ago, Dad and I went out to
Amman and had an emotional reunion with my eldest surviving aunt,
Helen, her son Masis, and my cousins: Nora, Karoon and Alis.

Nora, Karoon and Lulu (Alis!) are now safely installed in Amman. Lulu
has already started back at school - and is loving it! And Nora and
Karoon have been looking at Universities and courses, and are due
enroll in June for September.

Related radio interview here.

None of this comes with any thanks to Uncle Sam or anyone involved in the killing, all of whom appear to have been allowed to wash blood off their hands and get back to their war profiteering, so we'll just have to hope that there is in fact a Hell, and that it's even worse than the one they've created here on earth.

But for now...smile!

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